Lowcountry Dental Center Covid -19 Update

Dr. John Hendricks

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced dental offices to reassess their policy for protecting patients and staff from the coronavirus. I want to assure each patient that Lowcountry Dental Center is doing everything in our power to protect you. Each staff member has their temperature checked first thing in the morning. All patients have their temperatures checked and recorded as they enter the office. Any staff member or patient registering over 100 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home and advised to see their physician and get a Covid 19 test. We allow only one person to sit in our reception area at a time. Most people wait in their cars if they are waiting for a family member to have their procedure completed. All staff members are required to wear ask when interacting with patients. We have added air purifiers with UV lights to each operatory to eliminate and kill any pathogen that may be in the surrounding air. We have also placed barriers in the entryway of each operatory to keep the aerosols produced from dental hand pieces localized in the operatory, allowing the air purifiers to do what they are designed to do. We have invested in sturdy “sneeze guards” at our reception counter to protect patients and staff. Finally, we have invested in surgical gowns, face shields, and hair coverings to protect staff and patients. We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you visit us. Hopefully, you will feel that way.