Dental Crowns, Bridgework, and More in Hilton Head

There are many instances where a more durable material is needed to restore a tooth to its proper function. A significant portion of the tooth is lost and, in order to strengthen the tooth so it can withstand the forces of chewing over a long period of time, it will require a crown or “cap.” The tooth is totally covered with porcelain, which gives the tooth its most lifelike appearance or a gold-containing metal crown when chewing forces on the tooth require a very hard material that does not break. In some instances, zirconia is used to crown teeth in situations where a very durable and wear-resistant material is needed. Zirconia blends in better than metal crowns but is just as durable in high-stress situations. We use dental labs located in the USA in order to receive the highest-quality product.

Bridgework is needed when a tooth is missing, and the resulting space needs to be filled in. Spaces between teeth can lead to drifting of teeth and more wear on surrounding teeth. Also, when the missing tooth is toward the smile zone, bridgework can restore your smile close to its original look. As with crowns, bridges are considered “permanent” as they are cemented or “glued” onto the tooth. They stay in your mouth and do not need to be taken out. In many cases, crowns and bridges can be chosen to improve the esthetics of your smile and can be placed in order to permanently change the shape and color of your teeth, giving you a younger, more pleasing smile.