Full and Partial Implant Dentures in Hilton Head

Dentures are made in cases where patients have lost all of their teeth. In the past, patients’ main complaints have been gum soreness due to the denture irritating the gum and the denture moving when a patient eats or speaks. Implants have changed the playing field concerning dentures. A patient can choose to have 2 or more implants placed in the jaw and allow the denture to snap into place. This greatly reduces the movement of the denture, giving the patient more confidence and eliminating the need for adhesive dental cream.

Partial dentures replace 1 or more teeth, are removable, and require clasps to anchor the partial to eliminate movement. Partials are a cost-effective way to replace teeth that have been extracted. However, over time, partials can cause the teeth that are holding the partial in place to loosen and/or decay, requiring further treatment to those teeth or loss of those teeth. Partials can snap onto implants just like dentures, eliminating movement of the partial. Ask us about your treatment options, as there are many different scenarios utilizing partial dentures. Our goal is to choose the best treatment for your situation.