Hilton Head Root Canal Therapy Details

Beneath the hard exterior of your tooth is a soft material called pulp. A large cavity, cracked tooth, or forceful blow to the tooth can damage the pulp and cause inflammation or infection. Root canal therapy is a procedure to eliminate pressure caused by inflammation and remove damaged or dead pulp. A root canal is unfairly characterized as a dreaded and painful procedure. On the contrary, root canal therapy is a relatively quick and virtually pain-free procedure. A root canal is the best way to preserve a natural tooth and prevent future damage to your smile. Many patients don’t realize they have a problem until they experience pain or swelling. Some indications you may need a root canal include pain to chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and food, discoloration of a tooth, and/or spontaneous pain. If a tooth has damage to the pulp tissue and needs a root canal, the only option to save the tooth is a root canal.  Otherwise, the tooth would need to be extracted to eliminate the pain. Typically, in order to protect the tooth from future cracking or fracture, a crown is needed to fully cover and protect the tooth.